Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Adventures

Summer in Maine is beautiful and full of things to do...
like start each morning playing,

roll in tunnels,

go on vacation - we went to Boothbay Harbor, Maine,
visit the Boothbay Harbor Railroad Museum while Thomas the Train is there,

ride on their tractor ride...
with your dad on the caboose,

ride on the train that Thomas pulls,

and get tired while waiting to go in the bouncey house for the 5th time.

You can also climb out to a rock island at the small beach in Southport, Maine,

and be thrilled that Eugene and Catey finally found a decent cup of coffee in Boothbay.

You can be in awe of the summer hail storms,

sit in a tree with your dad,

play at Kettle Cove with your friend Claire,

and Reid State Park with your friend Edgar,

and try to keep up with your cousins at Janice's house at Higgins Beach.

We store it all up to get through the winter.