Monday, May 19, 2008

First trip out of Maine

The other week Emmett and I went to Massachusetts with Aunt Sarah and Cousin Ben. It was for my grandmother Draper's memorial service. She lived to be 100. We went down the night before and spent the night in a hotel. Sarah and I ate Chinese take-out and watched cable.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nana Cole and Great Uncle Sandy's Visit to Maine

Nana Cole (aka Bette) and Sandy drove to Maine from Florida to meet little Emmett. They stayed for two weeks and we had a lot of fun.

Nana and Emmett

Bette and Sandy stayed in a cabin at their friend Rona's place down in Old Orchard Beach. We visited with Rona at her bar - Emmett's first bar experience!

Bette and Sandy met Paul and Linda (Catey's parents) over dinner at our house. Bette and I cooked up a storm.

We went out for Chinese buffet with cousin Chris and his wife Mary Jane. Mary Jane is kindly taking this picture.

Bette and Sandy

Sandy helped us to welcome Emmett into the world.

We visited Aunt Dottie's grave site.

We went grocery shopping with Nana.

Nana also bought Emmett a swing, which he loves and falls asleep in. Thank you Nana!

On Bette and Sandy's drive home to Florida, Bette's ended up in the hospital in PA with pneumonia. We ask that you please send her healing thoughts, so that she gets better and arrives home to Florida safely.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Menu Planning Help

Hey - I just read about these websites that help you plan a week of meals and give you the shopping list. Since our dinners at 10 Rothay tend to be whatever I'm craving that day and I never plan meals ahead, I'm sorely tempted by these services. It seems like a "mom" thing to be able to plan dinner for 5 nights. My sister can do this. She's a great mom.

Take a look: RelishRelish  and Both offer free trials.

Happy May Day!

Nana Cole and Great Uncle Sandy have been visiting us from DeLand, Florida. Pictures to come of our adventures, but here's what we were doing the end of April.

We've been staying clean.

Emmett has begun to look at the world around him. He's also 13.5 pounds and survived his 2 month doctor's visit and 2 shots.

We've finished up our "Blossoming Newborns" class with Leah of Birthroots. Here are our baby friends.

Some of our new mom friends.

Nana Draper, Emmett and I went to Augusta, Maine to see Aunt Sarah and cousins Lily 
(almost 4) and Ben (10 months). 
Ben is very mobil.

Lily hurt her leg in the door. She was okay after some love and an ice pack.