Friday, December 28, 2007

December Update

I thought I'd catch you all up on life in Maine in December. The month has been full of mundane things and lots of snow. Here is our house after our first snow storm.

We cooked our first turkey. We were going to have my family over for an early December turkey feast, but another snow storm caused us to cancel it.

Photo-A-Go Go, an annual photo auction that supports the Bakery Photo Collective, and is THE place to be seen, happened on December 14th. Eugene donated a photo.

I insisted that we go walk in yet another snow storm one night.

My stomach is getting bigger. I think this was 29 weeks.

Eugene decided to rake the snow off the roof of the house during yet another snow storm on December 20th. I got to stay home from work that day.

Our mothers would really like a good picture of us together. We tried to take one of ourselves to give them for Christmas. This is as good as it got. They still don't have a photo of us together.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

O Christmas Tree

You would think that, because we live in Maine, we would have a real live Christmas tree in our living room every year. Nope. We have a tradition of putting up a small, snow frosted artificial tree. This year a big package arrived from Eugene's mom in Florida - a 6.5 foot tall white artificial tree with lights! It went up in the blink of an eye. We are all enjoying it.

Thanksgiving 2007

Eugene and I went to my sister's house in Augusta, ME for Thanksgiving. I took pictures of everyone there, but they came out blurry. So here is our dinner; Sarah, Josh, Josh's mom Priscilla, and my nephew Ben (4 months); and dessert of pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding cake.